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Make the most of your home with a conventional loan.


  • Competitive Interest Rates

  • Loan Amounts up to $970,000

  • Requires Credit Score ≥ 620

  • Cash-Out up to 80% LTV on Primary Residences

Fixed vs. Adjustable

Fixed Rate Mortgages

A fixed rate mortgage never changes.  Your principle and interest payment and interest rate will stay the same for the term of your loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

An adjustable rate mortgage has an interest rate that changes periodically.  The rate is fixed for a number of years (usually 3,5,7 or 10) and usually changes every 6-12 months after that for the term of the loan.  An ARM might be right for you if you are buying or refinance when rates are high, or if you plan to sell your home before the rate adjusts.

What makes us different?

No PMI with 10% Down.

Most lenders can't do what we do.  Typically, you'll need to put at least 20% down on a conventional loan to not pay private mortgage insurance.  Private mortgage insurance is used to insure your loan in case of default and it doesn't benefit you at all - it only benefits your lender.  No PMI with 10% down (90% LTV) is not lender-paid PMI, there is no PMI at all.

Choose your term.

We offer any loan term between 8 and 30 years.  This is especially popular with refinances so you can refinance your existing mortgage without ever increasing your term.  Make your new mortgage term 9, 17, or 27 years (any number between 8 and 30).

Forget an escrow account.

We believe paying your taxes insurance in your mortgage payment or keeping your taxes and insurance separate should be your choice - which is why we will never penalize you for deciding to skip an impound (escrow) account.  Most lenders will penalize you for this - we won't.

15% Down on Investment Properties.

A great reason to purchase your investment property with us - put only 15% down.  Most lenders will ask for at least 20% down - which we think is a little too much.

As Little as 3% Down.

Most people who want to put the minimum down go for an FHA Loan, which has expensive mortgage insurance.  Why not go conventional and only put 3% down?  Conventional mortgage insurance is cheaper on a conventional loan.

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